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After visiting Terri and having a Reflexology session, I mentioned that I had a holiday coming up and usually suffered quite badly with fluid retention around my feet and ankles during flights. I’ve suffered with this for the last few years and it can be quite uncomfortable and usually lasts during the majority of any holiday I go on to hot countries due to walking around in the humidity & heat. Terri suggested Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and I agreed to have a session just a couple of days before my flight to the Dominican Republic this year. I was absolutely amazed... I didn’t suffer at all with any fluid retention during the 9hr flight nor did I suffer with it whilst I was away and I was convinced I would because I can honestly say, I’ve never been anywhere quite so humid as the Dominican! And, 10 days later, I didn’t even have any problems on the flight home. To anybody who suffers with fluid retention, I would definitely recommend MLD with Terri... it certainly works for me! Jo, Bristol

I have been seeing Terri for reflexology treatments for 11 years now. I first came to Terri with sciatica which subsided after 4-5 sessions but was addicted to the relaxation benefits by then so continued with my treatments. I feel that the reflexology has been a preventative measure over the years keeping me in good health during my retirement. I don’t think I could cope without my monthly treatment now. Margaret, Bristol 

I felt emotionally and physically drained after surgery. I came to Terri for massage to help with the restriction of scar tissue and also reflexology to help balance me. I really feel that if I hadn’t been having my treatments with Terri I would have resorted to anti-depressants. Sue, Bristol During a difficult few years in my personal life I have seen Terri for Indian Head Massage, reflexology and massage. This has really helped me enormously. I’m not sure what I would have done without my regular treatments. I also had a shoulder injury - I’m sure this would have ceased up if it wasn’t for the holistic massage. Jenny, Bristol

I had regular reflexology treatments during my pregnancy. This really helped with the symptoms I was first having i.e nausea, headaches, backache. I also had a trouble free labour which I’m sure I have Terri to thank for. Simone, Bristol