This is a unique, very light technique, that moves the skin over the underlying tissues. Subsequently the musculature of the lymph vessels are stretched and stimulated. The lymphatic system “Purifies the body and regulates irritations, swelling and oedema.”

What is the Lymphatic System? It is the second circulatory system made up of lymph vessels and groups of lymph nodes. Unlike the blood circulatory system this one has no pump. It relies solely on muscular and skeletal movement which means it can become sluggish.

What are lymph nodes? They filter the lymph fluid of any bacteria or other unwanted substances before eliminating them through the liver and kidneys. White blood cells (lymphocytes) are also formed within the lymph nodes which are responsible for fighting infection and building the body’s immunity.

MLD helps the lymphatic system work more efficiently naturally detoxifying cells and organs of the body. This in turn strengthens the immune system. A very good preventative treatment.

MLD has many benefits:

~ Detoxifies the body strengthening the immune system from the inside out;
~ Relieves symptoms of ME;
~ Can reduce chronic sinusitis;
~ Accelerates the healing process following cosmetic surgery and vaser 

~ Helps anxiety and stress;
~ Alleviates pain;
~ Alleviates symptoms of IBS;
~ Pre/post surgery - helps to heal scar tissue and burns;
~ Face rejuvenation - decreases puffy eyes/face;
~ Controls migraines;
~ Aids weight loss;
~ Reduces arthritic and rheumatic pain;

What does a treatment involve? A thorough assessment of the areas of the body to be treated. The scope and frequency of treatments will be discussed. Your affected and unaffected limb will be measured. Most clothes will be removed but towels will be used to cover areas not being treated. No oils or powders are used.

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manual lymphatic drainage