Rejuvanessence is an holistic fingertip facial technique which gently lifts your face to give a  more youthful, healthy look. The facial muscles become alive again. The skin regains its elasticity in a way a face lift cannot.

This therapy is so relaxing and gently that it is sometimes referred to as the “Angel’s Touch”. Most of my clients fall to sleep within the first 20 minutes.

This is an excellent preventative treatment as it slows the aging process.  91 muscles of the face, neck, skull and shoulders are worked on. Tense muscles can give a tight pinched look to the face. Bad circulation around the muscles block energy paths causing tension, pain and discomfort.
Rejuvanessence helps to release the tightened tissues by working on acupuncture points and meridians to unblock the energy. The inhibited nutrients and oxygen can then flow freely again.

This treatment is far more than a beauty treatment - it relaxes the whole body and mind.

Benefits of Rejuvanessence are:

~ Improved skin tone and elasticity of the face;
~ Softening of lines and wrinkles and firming of the jaw;
~ Slowing of the aging process;
~ Promotes a more radiant, healthy relaxed appearance;
~ A release of sinuses, headaches, jaw and shoulder tension.


The full treatment of 6 one hour sessions progress from a gentle release of connective tissue to deeper concentration on muscle tension. Alternatively individual sessions can be given for an extraordinary depth of relaxation.

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